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FAQs (For Students & Parents)

Tutorspro is an online Education Portal that helps in connecting students/parents searching for a home tutor and teachers searching for a home tuition job.
Tutors register themselves with us and after the verification process, we share the contact details of the needy students/parents with them so that they can communicate and start teaching.
Currently,we are operational in Delhi-NCR only.But soon we are going to expand our operations in other states/cities as well.
Tutorspro is free to use service for students/parents.They just need to post their learning requirement and fill details so that we can match the best tutor available in or near their locality.
Trial Class can be free or paid depending on the tutor.In most of the cases,trial class is free of cost but However in some cases experienced tutors might demand charges for the trial class.
Parents/students are advised to do the payment on our website to avail better services.Otherwise,you can pay directly to the tutor also.
If you have hired the tutor on a monthly basis,then usually the amount is paid in advance(parents are advised to do the payment on our website) but in case of session wise,you can pay after the session.
Yes,you can demand the documents from the tutor.
If payment is made on our website,we will arrange you a different tutor in that case and if no tutor is available at that time,we will refund your amount on pro-rata basis.
If payment is made on our website,then we provide receipt on each and every payment made.